Selecting a SURE Mentor

You are not required to select a SURE mentor before submitting your application. We will review the applicants and those that are accepted to the program will then work on selecting mentors and projects. The applications are reviewed by mid-March by a review panel and successful applicants will be notified by early April. During April and May, mentor selection and assignments will be made.

You will work with Dr. Jeff Gaffney to do this, after you have been notified of selection.

Upon selection you can start the process by reviewing the mentors that are listed on the GCEP link — GCEP MENTORS (

Please examine those mentors abstracts and links that review their current work and interests. Contact Jeff Gaffney with a list of those mentors that seem to be working in areas that interest you the most. Jeff will then aid you in narrowing down the list and also alerting you to other potential mentors that are not listed, but who are working in similar research areas. You will then contact the mentors by email to determine availability, and to discuss possible projects for your SURE appointment.

Once you and your SURE mentor have agreed to work together for the GCEP SURE summer program, you will need to communicate with your mentor to obtain housing.

If you have questions, concerning this process, feel free to contact Dr. Jeff Gaffney, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, (501) 569-8840, , Dr. Nancy Marley, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, (501) 569-8844,, or Dr. Milton Constantin, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, (865) 576-7009, for assistance.


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