Marvin L. Wesely Distinguished Graduate Research Environmental Fellowship Award

The award was established in honor of the late Dr. Marvin L. Wesely, Argonne National Laboratory senior meteorologist and chief scientist of the DOE Atmospheric Chemistry Program, who died Jan. 20, 2003 from heart cancer. The Marvin L. Wesely Fellowship is awarded to the Graduate Research Environmental Fellow (GREF) who has made the best use of their DOE mentor and facilities in improving the quality of his/her research efforts. The award is given for a one-year period to a current GREF fellow who has been supported to do global change research as part of the Global Change Education Program.

To learn more about Dr. Wesely, please reference the following links:

2009 Award Recipient - Emily Fischer

2008 Award Recipient - Sarah O'Brien

2007 Award Recipient - Colleen Iversen

2006 Award Recipient - Cynthia Randles

2005 Award Recipient - Erika Marin-Spiotta

2004 Award Recipient - Steven Allison

2003 Award Recipient - Heather Price



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