Academic Plans and Career Goals and Objectives Statement:

You are required to submit a brief statement of your academic plans and career goals and objectives, showing how they relate to the DOE mission. This statement constitutes a substantial fraction of your evaluation score; therefore, it merits your full attention.

Successful statements will address the following points:

Why are you interested in doing Global Change Research?

How will the SURE internship help you towards your career goals?

What are the areas of Global Change Research that interest you the most?

Which mentors listed in our mentor list seems to best fit your interests?

Are you considering graduate education in the area of Global Change once you finish your undergraduate education?

Statements that are concise and focused on your interests and goals in Global Change research are what we are looking for in your applications.

If you have questions, concerning the statement, feel free to contact Dr. Jeff Gaffney, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, (501) 569-8840, , Dr. Nancy Marley, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, (501) 569-8844,, or Dr. Milton Constantin, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, (865) 576-7009, for assistance.


The Global Change Education Program is funded by the
U.S. Department of Energy

Office of Biological and Environmental Research