2009 End of Summer Presentations

SURE Students

Luke Armbruster
Accounting for Wind Errors in Inverse Models to Estimate CH4 Emissions for Central California

Brody Bourque
Converting Data Collected During CHAPS for Use in the PNNL Aerosol Modeling Testbed

Ryan Boyd
When plants are grown in elevated carbon dioxide concentrations, which genes control the stimulation of metabolism and growth?

Katherine Dydak
Using Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Modified Cellulose to Investigate Salt Water Intrusion and Paleotemperatures

Scott Hawley
Plant-Rhizosphere Interactions: the Role of Microbes in Carbon Sequestration

Kendra Joseph
Analysis of Sources of Ambient Organic Aerosol Particles by Positive Matrix Factorization Applied to Aerosol Mass Spectrometric Data

Sverre LeRoy
Mono Lake Thinolite Ages and Their Implications for the Regional d18O Chronology

Angie Marchany-Rivera
Tracing Metals and Comparing BC Sources in Atmospheric Aerosols Samples Collected at UALR

Gail McCormick
Ant Foraging: Discovery, Dominance and Thermal Trade-offs

Kelly McDonald
The Effects of Endophytic Bacteria on Photosynthetic Capacity and Carbon Metabolism in Developing and Mature Poplar Leaves

Lauren Sanchez
Changes in Leaf Area Index (LAI) Due to Ice Storm Damage at Harvard Forest

Carmen Tubbesing
Sap Flow in the Eastern Cascades (Poster)

Eliza Varner
Evaluation of Black Carbon Measurement Methods (Poster)

Diane Wurst
CO2 Concentration Data Analysis From Ozarks, Missouri


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