2001 GCEP Poster Presentations

E. A. Ainsworth: Leaf Photosynthesis and Carbonhydrate Levels of Perennial Ryegrass Exposed to Elevated [CO2] and Two N Fertilization Treatments

Laura Alvarez: Comparison of Black Carbon Determination by Evolved Gas Analysis and Optical Attenuation

David Dunston: Influence of Nitrogen in Amount and Form on Decomposition of Red Spruce Needles at howland Forest, Howland, ME

Kristy Fruit: Renting Credits

Jason Fults: Evaluation of Allometric Equations for Estimating Above-ground Tree Biomass and Stand-level C Accumulation

Sarah Gilman: Predicting the Effect of Climate Change on a Marine Snail

Wendy Gordon: Validation of the VEMAP Phase 2 Model Experiments Using Hydrologic Data

Nancy Grumet: Surface Radiocarbon Variability off the Coast of Kenya During the Last 50 Years

Erin Hanlon: Soil Root Exclusion Bags at ORNL FACE Experiment

Neiza Hernandez: Analysis of Ambient Hydroperoxides in Pellston, Michigan, July 2001

Paul Higgins: Ecosystem Change and Climate Feedback Under Greenhouse Gas Increase and Thermohaline Circulation Collapse

Anita Lee: Speciated Monoterpene Emissions and their Contribution to the Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosols: A Preliminary Study

Claire Lunch: Controlling factors of 18O/16O isotope ratios of CO2 respired from four forests on the Oregon Transect

Monica Martinez-Aviles: Relative Rate Studies of Chlorine Atoms with Crotonaldehyde and Methyl Vinyl Ketone

Heidi Ochsner: Measuring the Contribution of Deadwood Respiration to Total Ecosystem C Exchange at the Howland Research Forest, Howland, ME

Heather Price: Airborne Measurements of CO, O3, NMHCs and aerosol scattering in the Northeast Pacific during PHOBEA-II

Javier Ramirez: Hydrocarbons Analysis in Puerto Rico 2001

Cynthia Randles: Single-Particle Laser Ablation Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (SPLAT-MS)

Sarah Reed: Using Pressure-Volume Analysis to Determine the Effect of the Hydrostatic Gradient on Cell Turgidity

Victor Rodriguez: Measurements of Black Carbon in Chicago Urban Area

Tania Schoennagel: Temporal and spatial effects of fire on initial pathways of succession across the Yellowstone landscape

Tiffany Steadham: Formulating a Hydrologic Cycle Model for the Arkansas-Red Basin River by Monitoring Precipitation Trends

Shelby Winiecki: Tropospheric Ozone Production as Influenced by Solar Irradiance

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