2000 GCEP Poster Presentations

Monica Martinez Aviles: Detection of Stratospheric-Troposhperic Mixing by Beryllium-7 Counting

Heidi Bialk: A Study of Non-Methane Hydrocarbon

Marcia Branstetter: Development of a Parallel River Transport Algorithm: Applications to Climate Studies

Anne T. Case: Detection of Formaldehyde in the Central California Ozone Study, July 2000

Neiza M. Hernandez Cordero: Calibration of an Air Pollution Measurement System

Elizabeth Dahl: Aqueous Phase Production of Low Molecular Weight Alkyl Nitrates

Gabrielle B. Dreyfus: Investigating the Contribution of Isoprene Oxidation to Ozone Production

Sarah E. Gilman: Predicting the Effect of Climate Change on Marine Snail

Wendy Gordon: Terrestrial ecosystem model validation using streamflow data: preliminary analyses of VEMAP Phase 2 model experiments

Nancy Grumet: Chemical Record of Climate Change from east African Coral Records

Heather Hart: Quantification of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Biomass in a Changing Global Environment

Paul Higgins: Abrupt and Variable Climate Change

Kim Hunter: The Role of Coarse Woody Debris Respiration in a Northern Michigan Hardwood Forest

John Iorio: Key to Chemistry of Middle Atmosphere

Lara Kueppers: Soil carbon dynamics along a forest type and elevation gradient in the Rocky Mountains: Ecological feedbacks to climate change

Claire Lunch: Embolism and Repair in Douglas Fir: Effects of Age and Season

Dylan B. Millet: Kinetic Isotope Effects, VOC's, and Atmospheric Chemistry

Mike Mosher: Micrometeorological Measurements for Carbon Dioxide Flux Above a Grassland Site

Anthony Nguyen: Analysis of solar hydrogen systems for use with fuel cell vehicles

Heather Umbehocker Price: The Texas Air Quality Study

Cynthia A. Randles: Aerosol Mass Spectrometer

Rose Ravelo: Determining Spectral Measurements of Solar Irradiance Using an MFRSR-7

Tania Schoennagel: The Effects of Fire Interval on Initial Patterns of Succession in Yellowstone National Park

Tiffany Steadham: Determining Cloud Structure Using Wind Profiler (499 MHz) Data

Jessica Wade-Murphy: Albedo of an Old-Growth Coniferous Forest

Cindy Werner: Temporal Variablility in CH4 Fluxes From a Northern Forest Ecosystem

Shelby Winiecki: Nauru Island Cloud Trails

Cathy Wooten: Where's the root: A study of root distribution in Douglas Fir


The Global Change Education Program is funded by the
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