Jillian Salvatore
Oak Ridge National Laboratories
Environmental Science Division
Mentor: Wilfred "Mac" Post

Enhancement of a Global Soil Pedon Database

The goal of my summer internship was to finish enhancing and revising the UCB-ORNL Worldwide Organic Soil Carbon and Nitrogen database, and use the data to estimate the amount of organic carbon and nitrogen stored in soils globally. My work involved completing the enhancements of the soil database and combining the information with the FAO-Unesco Soil Map of the World. The database contains information about carbon, nitrogen, and base cations in over 4100 soil profiles along with information on data handling methods and environmental information. The enhanced database will include over 100 additional soil profiles, but most importantly contain soil taxonomic information that allows integration with soil maps, in particular the FAO soil map. The data will be available to the public electronically through an FTP site. I computed mean C and N according to depth. Combining these means with global spatial distributions of soil units I calculated global totals of C and N according to soil unit and total areas of soil units according to continent. We estimated that 1,622.18 Pg C and 107,118.50 Tg N are stored in the soil globally. This provides basic information that can be used in determining the role of soil in sequestration or release of CO2 with the atmosphere.

Presentation: Enhancement of a Global Soil Pedon Database


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