Global Change Research Program
SURE Abstracts and Poster Presentations

J. Christopher Baird: Using Chemiluminescence and Other Basic Properties to Detect Peroxyacyl Nitrates in the Troposphere

Heidi Bialk: A Collection Method for Nonmethane Organic Compounds

Gabrielle Dreyfus: MTBE mixing ratios at a remote site in the Sierra-Nevada mountains, California: Implications for OH concentration in an ubran plume

Pauline Fujita: Factors Affecting Carbon Exudate Levels for Andropogon gerardii in the Presence and Absence of Mycorrhizal Fungus

Jason Fults: Biomass Regression for Liquidimbar styraciflua

Heather Hart: Detection of Peracids using HPLC Chemiluminescent Method

Marisa Jenkins: Stem and Branch Respiration of Trees in Elevated CO2 Environments

Jennifer E. Leisch: The Chemistry of Carbonaceous Soot Aerosols and Nitric Acid

Adria H. Liszka: Visualization of an Atmospheric Dataset

Jesse Miller: Analysis of factors influencing soil response to no-till agriculture

Anthony Nguyen: Projections of Sea Level Rise by 2100 & its Impact on Long Island

Cynthia Randles: Automatic Estimation of Mixed Layer Height

Jillian Salvatore: Enhancement of a Global Soil Pedon Database

Jaclyn Secora: The Impact of Global Warming on the Pacific Northwest: A Movie

Shelby Winiecki: Data Quality Improvement Studies at ARM TWP


The Global Change Education Program is funded by the
U.S. Department of Energy

Office of Biological and Environmental Research